Bike Share Kickoff

Share my bike?

My sultry city has just launched a bike share!  We're the first city in the state to kick off this initiative and the hornets nest is buzzing!  How will it work?  How much does it cost?  How much does it make?  You want me to share my bike?  Oh bless.  

Let's talk logistics . . . for $8 a day or for $65 a year (cheaper if you're a student or senior or military!) you can ride as many 30-minute increments as you want, between 7am and 10pm.  The only catch is, you have to check your bike back in every 30 minutes, but you can check it right back out again.  The ultimate goal is for short trips around the city and to our streetcar suburbs (the ones just outside the actual Uptown limits).  Who doesn't want the ease of just grabbing a bike, riding it, parking it and forgetting about it?!

These type of programs don't typically make money.  But they are great for community morale and a fun way to get people to be more active.  So we've got Blue Cross Blue Shield as a primary sponsor to help out with the funding.

Sweetheart, the city doesn't want you to share your bike.  We want you to share our bikes.  So come out to one of the B Cycle Stations and grab a bike and ride!

The stations are located all over town and more are coming online as the program gets underway.  The bikes are actually pretty cool, coming from a beach girl who loves beach cruisers!  They even have a cute little basket (ahem, a manly basket) and bell, as well as three gears to help you get around town.

Bike shares around the country have encouraged people to ride and have even helped the local bike shop economy.  Bike stores in other Bike Share markets have said that this program has made biking more popular and they are getting more customers.  Even motorists are getting in on the action.  The influx of bikers in other cities are quickly teaching drivers to be more accommodating.

People get on bikes to travel around town and realize how easy it is to ride.  And how much better it is for their health and the environment.  So watch out for the trolley and come share our bikes!

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