The Holy Trinity of Southern Food

Cukes, tomatoes, and vinegar

Last night on Top Chef Masters, Art Smith, who I am now hopelessly devoted to, says that "Cucumbers, tomatoes and vinegar are the Southern Holy Trinity."  This caused me to take a breath and I realized he was right.  In the South, we'll pickle about anything (pickled pigs feet, ahem).  So naturally, we love cucumbers.  That and the fact that cukes and tomatoes grow like weeds in our summer gardens and vinegar is the miracle ingredient for all things Southern.

For the Love of Sun Tea

On the 8th day God made Sweet Tea

It's been hot here in my sultry city.  Gorgeous bake at the pool hot, but also fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.  So I decided to put some of that natural heat to work.  I remember while growing up how my mother would make us a special treat when it was warm, so I used her recipe to make my own delicious sun tea.  Funny thing is, I went over to my mama's house and she had a pitcher of her own brewing on the porch!

Darling Dahlonega, GA

Rowing, Wine-ing, and Relaxing

Every summer for the past three years, I have taken a work trip that has brought me down to Dahlonega, GA.  The first year, I was skeptical.  A ride as long as it takes to get the beach, but I was heading toward the mountains, to a tiny town I had never heard of.  My first week in Dahlonega, I fell in love.  The mountain views were breath taking, the air was humid and there were wineries and waterfalls.  

Airlie Gardens

A Century of Gardens by the Sea

In the South we love our gardens.  Especially 200 year old gardens with 500 year old live oak trees.  Airlie Gardens, in Wilmington, NC is one of my favorite gardens.  Growing up in Wilmington I used to imagine being Mrs. Pembroke Jones and having the entire garden to myself and my garden club.  The love and care (and waterfront location) make these acres of azaleas a Southern spot of heaven.