The Amazing Maize Maze

Get Lost in the Cornfield

In my quest to embrace the Fall, I found myself down a dirt road staring at a cornfield, preparing for battle.  Well, more like a race.  With hidden clues.  The cornfield was cut into a interlocking rows and we were going to compete with other teams in the seven acres of farmland.  In appreciation for the election year and a nod to our sultry city hosting the Democratic National Convention, this year's design was an elephant and a donkey and stars.

Who Wants S'more?!

The flavors of Fall

I mourn the loss of Summer.  I dread climbing out of my warm bed in the morning while it's still dark outside and at the end of the day, driving home as the sun sets behind the buildings in my sultry city.  I cringe when thinking about the coming time change.  

And then we have a day where the wind blows just right and the sun is not so hot as it shines on you.  And the night is crisp and someone pulls out the Hershey's chocolate and marshmallows and lights the grill or fire pit or, god willing, the campfire and all seems right with the world.  

Look Out Music City

cuz I'm here and I ain't never leavin'!

"Welcome to Nashville, ma'am!"  

This is how I was greeted, stepping on to my hotel shuttle.  While I often get a bit fussy at being called ma'am (I really am still a miss, right?) the way the word drawled off the bus drivers lips made me smile.  I might like this city.

Nashville, TN Nashville, TN Nashville, TN

Labor Day Weekend Wistfulness

Say goodbye to Summer

Today is the holiday that has us all mourning the end of Summer, the end of seersucker season and the shortening of days.  Although, as we lay by the pool or lake or ocean today, we look ahead to Fall.  To pumpkin spiced everything, to cute sweaters and knee high boots, to snuggling on the front porch swing as the air gets that crisp bite in it.  

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