Dear Silhouette Cameo, I need you.

A Wish List for Santa

So it is my goal in life to win (yes, win, not buy) a Silhouette Cameo and starter pack.  I enter every contest that I find on Facebook and Twitter.  I stalk the Silhouette website.  I've even started stalking other brands of cutting machines' websites!  

But I want a Cameo.  

I pin pictures of it.  I read blogs about the amazing things it can do.  I drool over the free shape of the week.  

I've never actually used one, but I can only imagine the incredible crafts I could create if I had ten minutes with a Silhouette machine.  I've even started downloading fonts for the cuttings I would make.

So Dear Santa . . . all I want for Christmas (after world peace and no starving children and a every dog to have a loving home, of course) is a Silhouette Cameo.

I've been an angel all year!

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