For the Love of Sun Tea

On the 8th day God made Sweet Tea

It's been hot here in my sultry city.  Gorgeous bake at the pool hot, but also fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.  So I decided to put some of that natural heat to work.  I remember while growing up how my mother would make us a special treat when it was warm, so I used her recipe to make my own delicious sun tea.  Funny thing is, I went over to my mama's house and she had a pitcher of her own brewing on the porch!

My mama's recipe is so Southern.  In the South, we like things easy.  We also like things delicious.  So my mama says, 

"Put some tea bags into a pitcher with some 
water.  Leave it in the sun for a while.  Make 
sure you have a lid or cover the top with cellophane."  

I know this recipe may seem really complicated to some people.  How many tea bags?  What kind of tea?  What kind of pitcher?  How much water?   How long does it need to sit in the sun?  What if I want sweet tea?

Honey, hush.  Just follow the directions.  Fill your pitcher all the way up with water - this is good stuff and you want to make enough for when your neighbors drop in.  If you are worried about heating plastic, use a glass pitcher.  If you want your tea stronger, use more tea bags.  If you want some sugar, add it.  Then just set it in the sun for a few hours till you feel like drinking it.  

You can get really creative with your teas, too.  It's summer and we've all got our fresh herbs growing alongside our summer tomatoes.  Grab a big handful of rosemary or basil or mint or anything that makes you happy and make some sun tea.  Ashley, with Design Sponge has detailed instructions on herb sun tea and she uses some cute giant mason jars!

Herb sun tea

So go relax on your porch, put your feet up, and drink a glass of sweet Southern sun tea.

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