Darling Dahlonega, GA

Rowing, Wine-ing, and Relaxing

Every summer for the past three years, I have taken a work trip that has brought me down to Dahlonega, GA.  The first year, I was skeptical.  A ride as long as it takes to get the beach, but I was heading toward the mountains, to a tiny town I had never heard of.  My first week in Dahlonega, I fell in love.  The mountain views were breath taking, the air was humid and there were wineries and waterfalls.  

The first stop was Wolf Mountain Vineyards with a panorama of the mountains and hills.  The rolling hills and the fields of vines would make this such a wonderful place to live like the owners do - on site, just down the hill from the tasting room.

We took a couple of hours after our day was through and visited Amicalola Falls just outside of Dahlonega.  Parking in the middle we hiked up for a view of the large falls and then hiked down the rickety wooden steps for a view of the lower basin.  Knowing we were so close to town, but alone in the middle of this forest was awe inspiring.

Around every corner there was something quaint to fawn over.  Adorable wooden chairs inviting you to come sit a spell and Christmas lights strung inside in July at one of the local favorites.  A restaurant we found was easy to get to.  The directions we were given were "Turn left at the lake and follow the road around till you can turn onto the dirt road."

Over the hill is the river with family options like canoeing or tubing.  The river lazes along and carries riders down over mini rapids that will bump your butt on rocks if the summer has brought a drought, but will push you past trails and trees if there has been rain recently.

I'm going to miss my annual trek to Dahlonega, my stay in the small town hotel, and my summer visit to the local restaurants with customer service to make other towns jealous.
Y'all know I love a dirt road . . . just a one lane trail inviting you to walk down into the woods and inhale the misty mountain air.  


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