The Holy Trinity of Southern Food

Cukes, tomatoes, and vinegar

Last night on Top Chef Masters, Art Smith, who I am now hopelessly devoted to, says that "Cucumbers, tomatoes and vinegar are the Southern Holy Trinity."  This caused me to take a breath and I realized he was right.  In the South, we'll pickle about anything (pickled pigs feet, ahem).  So naturally, we love cucumbers.  That and the fact that cukes and tomatoes grow like weeds in our summer gardens and vinegar is the miracle ingredient for all things Southern.

Aunt Peggy’s Cucumber, Tomato and Onion Salad
Thanks, Paula Deen

I adore both cukes and tomatoes.  And, of course, vinegar.  All separate and all together.  These three simple ingredients combined whip up a quick summer salad to accompany almost any dish.  They are deliciously easy to throw together and the longer you store them, the better they are!   You can slice up some cucumbers and tomatoes, pour in as much vinegar as needed to make them float then snap the lid on your Tupperware and you are all set!

Pickled Cucumbers

We've eaten this as a side for as long as I can remember, with the vinegar's tart flavor cutting through the crunchy cucumber and ripe tomatoes.  The idea of putting it in a mason jar to marinate is just too adorable.  And what a fun way to bring this to a picnic or party.

Lifting Revolution

So stroll out to your garden, pluck a few cukes and tomatoes from the vine and whip up a salad fit for the Sultry South.

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