The Amazing Maize Maze

Get Lost in the Cornfield

In my quest to embrace the Fall, I found myself down a dirt road staring at a cornfield, preparing for battle.  Well, more like a race.  With hidden clues.  The cornfield was cut into a interlocking rows and we were going to compete with other teams in the seven acres of farmland.  In appreciation for the election year and a nod to our sultry city hosting the Democratic National Convention, this year's design was an elephant and a donkey and stars.

With my teammates, I marched bravely into the cornfield to find the clues that would fill out our map.  We grabbed our pink striped flag and set off through the rows of corn on our Fall flavored quest.

Rounding a corner, we found not a clue, but deer tracks.  We learned later that once the maze closes for the season, the corn is sold as feed for livestock.  Until then, the deer get a delicious sweet treat.

We zigged.  We zagged.  We walked around the same star about thirteen times.  We plotted to get from one quadrant to the next.  We begged other teams to share where they had found clues.  And we marched on.

The average time to complete the maze is an hour and fifteen minutes.  At close to two hours trapped in the maze we waved our flag and admitted defeat.  Four very intelligent women and a partial map and we couldn't even get to an exit!  Curse those stars scattered throughout the cornfield!

The Amazing Maize Maze was a fun Fall treat on a sunny afternoon.   Before the acerage becomes cow feed, I plan to grab a teammate, find my flashlight and try the impossible maze in the dark.  Maybe I'll have better luck at night!

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