Look Out Music City

cuz I'm here and I ain't never leavin'!

"Welcome to Nashville, ma'am!"  

This is how I was greeted, stepping on to my hotel shuttle.  While I often get a bit fussy at being called ma'am (I really am still a miss, right?) the way the word drawled off the bus drivers lips made me smile.  I might like this city.

Nashville, TN Nashville, TN Nashville, TN

And like it I did.  This sultry city breathes life.  The people are excited to be here and proud of their city.  And they should be . . . they've got a lot to offer.  The history and warmth resonate in the way the Nashvillians (Nahsh-vulluns) show off their town.

Music City pulled out all the stops and wowed me with the Grand Ole Opry.  Going backstage and hearing so many stories and memories was incredible.  Seeing the waterline from the flood and the mailboxes of each of the members blew me away.  

My favorite legend was about the floor of the stage.  The large circle of floor was cut from the stage at The Ryman.  Stars tell how they've been singing on this stage since they were knee high to a grasshopper.  The stage was restored and set back into place after the flood in 2010 and music stars today know they've made it when they step into that circle at the Grand Ole Opry and the house lights go up.

And then getting to watch the show from onstage - I love being on stage!  

I also (now) love Scotty McCreery. This good ole boy, and mind you, he is young, was charming and had us ma'am's swooning.  One girl from the audience hollered out, "Scotty I love you!" and he crooned back in his deep drawling man voice, "I love you too."  And we all melted.

Scotty in blue on the right

So after watching this Southern darlin' sing songs and wow the crowd (and a quick "Go Pack" exchange by his dressing room) it was time to move on.  Because in Nashville,  there is always music playing and always one more thing to see.

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