Who Wants S'more?!

The flavors of Fall

I mourn the loss of Summer.  I dread climbing out of my warm bed in the morning while it's still dark outside and at the end of the day, driving home as the sun sets behind the buildings in my sultry city.  I cringe when thinking about the coming time change.  

And then we have a day where the wind blows just right and the sun is not so hot as it shines on you.  And the night is crisp and someone pulls out the Hershey's chocolate and marshmallows and lights the grill or fire pit or, god willing, the campfire and all seems right with the world.  

With the cool weather of Fall comes many wonderful things - pumpkin spiced anything, county fairs, football, and best of all, s'mores on the campfire.  There are reasons this is my favorite season (after I let go of the idea of sunning myself at the pool and wading in the warm ocean water)!

National S'mores Day is August 10.  I think it's the perfect date to celebrate Summer coming to a close and campfire season starting up.  S'mores bring people together . . . the joy of setting something on fire and putting three simple ingredients together to make a delicious ooey gooey treat is irresistible.  Everyone hovers around a campfire or grill or fire pit and holds their own stick stacked with fluffy globs of goodness.  S'mores bring back memories from childhood and camping on the Intercoastal Waterway.  Each bite gets you a little bit closer to Heaven.

The very name: "Some More" reminds you that this is the perfect treat.  You create it.  You make it how you want it.  Some people like their marshmallows burnt to a cinder.  Others practice roasting each puff to a golden glow.  Even the order in which you pile the flavors is a personal decision.  

Searching on Pinterest shows so many variations to the simple delish s'more of our childhood.  There are so many creative options and upgrades to make the perfect treat your very own.  So grab your bag of marshmallows, your chocolate squares and your graham crackers, find some friends, make a fire and enjoy your first bite of fall.


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